The Land of the ancient Pharaohs, Egypt is a destination full of amazing dazzling temples and tombs that wow all who visit. It’s not at all historic treasures and tourist attractions, though. With vast tracts of desert for 4WD adventures, the Red Sea’s world-class coral reefs and wrecks for divers, and cruising on the famed Nile River, there are plenty of things to do in Egypt for all types of travelers.

Beach lovers head to the Sinai or the Red Sea Coast to soak up the sun, while archaeology fans will have a field day in Luxor.

Cairo is the megalopolis that can’t be beaten for city slickers, while Siwa oasis and the southern town of Aswan offer a slice of the slow pace of the countryside.

With so much to see and do, Kemet Egypt travel offers to visitors a chance to create itineraries that combine culture, adventure, and relaxation all on one trip.

Plan your sightseeing with our list of the top attractions and places to visit in Egypt.

What are 10 tourist attractions in Egypt?

  • The Great Pyramids of Giza.
  • Karnak Temple At Luxor and The Valley of the Kings.
  • The Nile River, The Heart of Egypt.
  • Aswan, Egypt’s Strategic Gateway.
  • Abu Simbel, Ancient Temple Complex.
  • Cairo, World’s Greatest Place.
  • South Sinai, Famous Egyptian Tourist Attractions

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