Tailor Made Tours

Thinking about taking a custom tour with Kemet Egypt travel?


Here’s how it works


Just take a moment to fill out the Inquiry Form on this page – it helps us gather the essentials that we need to start designing your custom tour. The basics include your desired destinations, your party’s size, how many rooms you’d like, and a rough starting date for your trip.


We’d also like to know a few things about you so that we can start customizing your unique trip.


-Let us know your travel preferences, your interests, and what intrigues you!


-Tell us about the sights you’re excited to see and what you’d love to learn about.


Once you send us your information, we’ll sketch out some ideas for you and we will give best tour itinerary based on your needs and requirements. As we will sort out all the extra details, answer any questions you may have, and then put together a customized trip to present for your approval.


We’ll make any changes as needed until you’re fully satisfied. At that point, you can kick back and start dreaming about your personalized getaway. Even once you’re out and touring with us, you’ll always have 24/7 access to support.


Or you can send direct email to us on 



Thanks for connecting with us!